Monday, July 6, 2009

This is a welcome home cake i made for my boyfriend Josh. he just moved from Lousiana to Houston, long distance no more!!!!


  1. This is such a neat post! I lvoe the cake too! Such a cute thing to do for the BF i bet he really appreciated it =]

    I started watching all those cake Shows on TLC and it stirred this drive in me to learn how to bake cakes and use fondant to create more intricate deatails. (Ive never been good with anything more elaborate on a cake with icing then just a simple Happy B-Day lol)

    hopefully if i can get ingredients for a cake soon i'll be sure to ask you for some tips =]

    XoXo Hello Anne

  2. aw thanx! i hope you get this response, im still earning how to use this thing! lol i checked out your blog and i see you do photography too! sweet, very cool stuff. how do i follow your blog? i dont see a place where i can "follow" all these years and i have never blogged, so confusing, but anyways, your comments mean alot and i am very happy to give you tips any time! we can learn together! try watching cake boss too....buddy is so funny. :)