Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cherry checkered cake

This is a special request from my co worker Neil. He wanted a cake that had something to do with cherries, (his girlfriend loves them) so this is what i came up with, i feel my design is very origional and i am quite happy with it. :) now the red hands......well i forgot to buy red fondant so i had to make the gumpaste for the cherries red...yep, my hands are still kinda red (2 days later) lol
This cake is a double layer choclate fudge with buttercream icing. I used a 3 inch deep 8 inch round pan.

Autobot cake

Autobot success!!! My friend Vy asked me to make one for her boyfriend for his bday. i think i did pretty well! :) I baked a one layer choclate cake and froze it, cut the face shape out with a Cutco butcher knife and coincidentally, i found a transformers icing color kit while i was buying cake boards. sweet.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Steak anyone?

I free-handed this steak cutout. Its a double layer red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. I sketched a steak on top of teh cake with a toothpick and stood over the cake with a butcher knife facing straight down so i could cut around my sketch evenly. then using the cake board that i traced the cake with i was able to make up teh center inlay of the steak.
I bought him a new cutting board (because he hates mine) and got him a never before used vintage cutco butcher knive. I think it made for an awesome presentation!
I included a pic next to Shans cake, seeing as I made them both at once. We had a bbq for the both of them, since their bdays are on teh same day. and man o man, two cakes at once is crazy! o_O

Shan's bday cake :)

A cake I made for Shan. I made her the heart on the last page of posts back in 2007, I'd say I have def made a major improvment! I should have cut the cake board to hide the chocolate mess..oopsie. So can we tell Im a tad bit obsessed with zebra stripes? lol This was also my first attempt at Fondant Roses. :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Heeeeeeeeeeeeloooooo Kitty!

My first Hello Kitty cake! My friend Aimee hired me to make one for her friends bday, it was a challenge, but a cool one! im quite please with teh way it came out! I still have some smoothing issues with the buttercream undercoat, but hey im learning!

Klassic's Chocolate Death

This is my very own version of death by chocolate. Two layer dark chocolate cake, with chocolate icing, chocolate walls and homemade chocoolate truffles! The walls were a happy accident, i completely changed my design based on broken chocolate. mmmmmmmmmmmmm