Thursday, January 28, 2010

Polar bear eating a penguin cake, lofl

Ok, I must admit this is the most morbid cake ever! lol my friend Alexis came to me and asked me to make this cake for her husbands b-day. When they got married a few years back, he wanted this for his grooms cake, and they could not find anyone to make a polar bear eating a penguin. (go figure, hahhahaha) So once I started making cakes, I guess she figured Id be crazy enough to do this. and sho nuff. I did it! lol Its morbid for sure, but I tried to make it a little comical too to soften the blow. hahahaha

Hello Kitty kake and matching Kup Kakes!

My most special Hello Kitty cake yet. I made this Kake and matching Kup Kakes for my friend Ariane. She has to be one the sweetest people on earth. Life lately has been really tough for her, but through it all I have admired her perserverance. She is an amzing example to follow for anyone else going through difficult times, and i must say I am so happy that we are friends. I made this for her b-day and to see her smile like she did when she saw them was the greatest reward!

New years Kup Kakes, sold at The Mink on New Years eve!

I was asked by my buddy Joe who was DJ'in with (The Watermarks) at The Mink (midtown Houston, TX) if i wanted to sell my Kup Kakes at the Event that he was putting on with Pegstar Ent. Houston. He wanted to try something different and we both figured that once people started drinking enough, they would get the munchies..tee hee. it was slow going at first, but things definately picked up! I was able to sell all of the 4 dozen Kup Kakes that i made. :) I would like to give very special thanks to Amanda B. and Marlena A., you guys are amazing and I couldnt have done this without your help. Amanda, you are an amzing artist and I am so lucky to have you as my Kake assitant! you make a great sidekick and are great at putting up with all my crap, you completely rock! Thanks again for all of your help! It was an exceptionally COLD COLD COLD night in Houston and we were all freezing, moving in and outside to sell. All in all a successful start to the new year!

Acoustic Guitar cake

My friend Zai came to me and asked if I could make a replica of her boyfriends acoustic guitar for his bday, she wanted to something super special for him, i said ofcourse! she supplied me with a picture and this is what I completed. The neck is rice crispie treat with buttercream icing, (i think i missed a fret or two, but you cant tell, lol) and the body is devils food with buttercream icing. This was the first time I tried to airbrush woodgrain. And from what i hear, he loved it! woo hoooo! I had a TON of fun making this cake :)

Animal print present cake

An animal print safari style present cake. White cake with strawberry filling and buttercream icing. Each leopard print and zebra stripe was hand cut and placed on. I tried a unique appraoch with the bow and i think i kinda like it!