Friday, May 7, 2010

Hello Kitty UTSA Sigma Kappa grad kake :)

UTSA Sigma Kappa Hello Kitty grad kake :) body is Red Velvet, head and feets are cereal treats. Unlike my zombie Kitty that was copied off of a tattoo, this one was completely from my head and I am so prous of this kake! I was tired that night and I cant believe I pumped this one out!

Indiana Jones Lego man kake

Lego man kake for Alexis, thsi was for her 4 yr old, chocolate and cereal treats. I went to target and bought the lil Indiana Jones lego man and went to town! lol this kake was over a foot tall!

Baby shower lady buggie

She started off with a smile, but the client, my friend Maribel, wanted a binky, but I think she looks cute both ways! So I photographed pre-binky as well. :) Thsi was strawberry kake and strawberry icing with a cereal treat head. :)

Dance for Autsim fundraiser :)

We made 124 kup kakes for Rachelle Villegas' fundraiser called Dance for Autism. we raised quite a bit of monies from tehse kup kakes!!!! All proceeds from this event went to a music therapy scholoarship fund for children with autsim. Most insurance companies do not cover this even though its proven to be extrenely effective and beneficial. I ws so happy to donate my time to this, I could not thank Andy and Marlen for your help, especially Marlen, with out you, this would not have been possible!

Ghettoblaster Grooms kake :)

This is a ghettoblaster chocolate grooms kake that I made for Mayra and Martins wedding :) for the first time ever i actually dropped a kake....thsi was bound to happen right? I had to stay up all night re-baking it and re-decorating it by its delivery time....omg..i got so sick from the lack of sleep and stress....i vow to never drop another kake EVER again! lol.