Monday, December 14, 2009

Mini Red Velvets

My first batch of homemade cream cheese icing, I decided to have a photoshoot with a mini Red velvet on my desk at work. :) nummies.

Ben 10 Omnitrix bday cake (older version of watch)

Ben 10 Omnitrix watch request for a 6 yr olds bday party. :) The cake is is also green inside per request, I used mint green gel color with white cake and iced with an undercoat of homemade buttercream. Rockin.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sushi cupcakes

So my friend loves sushi....and she has a broken heart right since i cannot afford to taker her out for sushi (im broke at teh monent due to christmas) I decided to make her some sushi cupcakes to make her feel better. :) Even though there are only 4 of them these were quite time consuming, but sooooooooooo worth it, I cant wait to see the smile on her face!

Coffee mug cake

Coffee mug cake, all chocolate with chocolate buttercream icing, carved mug out of cake. Fondant handle. This was a request for a clients wifes 50th birthday.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

M&M cupcakes!

I was given alot of creative freedom on this order and I was told the birthday girl loves peanut M&M's so I gave these a shot! The m's were free hand cut with out a stencil, so ofcourse things are not perfect, but that gives them more character! Peanut eminems are always lumpy and missing m's anyway, these look fabulous compared to the real thing, lol.

Jeep cupcakes

Jeep cupcakes. :)

Colts cupcakes

Colts cupcakes. :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Louis Vuitton duffle bag cake

My friend Leo came to me and asked me to make the most authentic LV bag possible for his significant other, I did change it up a bit to keep it so I dont get in trouble with any name brand, but teh variations are very slight. You cant really tell from the pics, but this bag had it all, stitching detail, gold hues and the handles had a lot of detail as well. I am so unbelievably proud of this bag!!!!!!!!!!! not bad for my first one! Hope yall like it!

"saw em off" mini game day cakes

I went to the Texas A&M/UT game with dad, the Aggies didnt have the best odds of winning considering UT is the 3rd nationally ranked college football team this season and are undeafeated, but teh way i saw it, anything was possible! so i made mini "saw em off" cakes with sawed off UT longhorn's on maroon and white A&M mini square cakes for some good luck! and while the Aggies lost, they fought to the end and pulled one heck of a game! see, my goodluck cakes worked! :) and they were a hit at thanksgiving lunch before the game.