Thursday, December 16, 2010

Toy Story Alien

Toy Story Alien kake that I made for my freind Stephanie for her sweet little two yr old. :) the moon is yellow kake and the body of the alien is chocolate.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

DJ turntable kake

This is a turntable grooms kake for my buddy Jonathan/DJ Gonz for his wedding. It was a very beautiful wedding and I am so happy he married such a sweet girl! =D LOL! the Rane mixer in the center is an exact replica of his mixer, and each record has half a heart filled in to symbolize thier songs mixing together. This was the grooms idea, and I was very excited to do this for them!

Friday, October 22, 2010


Yoda Grooms kake that I made for my bosses family. Once again, my amazing boyfriend stepped in for some assistance by making me a creative inner structure so Yoda would be strong enough to make the drive from Houston to beaumont for the wedding. (im a lucky girl i am).

Super Mario!

Super Mario kake for my dear friend Ariane's son :) This big ol guy fed a TON of people. As you can see, it was yet another HOT Texas day and he was sweating it out! So we made haste and cut him as soon as possible before he turned into a giant blob of Mario, which would not have been so super....o_O

Mallard duck

A mallard duck kake for my sisters hubby for his big 5-0. all fondant/gumpaste and covered all edible with a cereal treat neck.


Obey Andre the Giant poster kake. Obey is a well known Graff artist and designer, I was super excited to make this kake! A super awesome girlfriend got this for her man. :)

Wedding and Periodic table kake.

A special delivery to Galveston Texas on a super flippin hot day! Periodic table grooms kake with each letter hand stamped with airbrush color (the groom is a checmistry teacher, can u tell? lol ) and a custom plastic kup kake stand that i had made featuring a four layer tall buttercream iced vanilla kake. Topped with handmade cala lilies. 136 total including the ones on the kup kakes.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sponge Bob!

A Small Sponge bob square pants kake that I made for my little sister's 7th b-day. My dad called me last min to ask for this (i was already in Austin making that Taurus/Scorpio kake) so i couldnt say no. I just couldnt. So this was the first kake that Me and Neil made together. I was so frustrated with spongebobs hands!!! so Neil came to my rescue and with in minutes, this lil guy had hands! We made him laying down since he had to survive the drive from Austin back to Houston. :)