Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jordan 4's kake

Jordan's 4 kake that I made for a sweet woman who I met via facebook, this is her husbands FAVE pair of shoes, and she asked me to re-create them into cake. I did the best I could without a live model to look at (lord knows i tried to find a pair!) but stencils and just raw sculpting helped quite a bit! this is officially my first pair of shoes! I am quite happy with them! they will only get better from here, cant wait to see what other shoe creations im asked to make! My first attempt at these was an epic fail...but i was also overbooked and so tired I couldnt keep my eyes open that particular time. So glad I got a second chance at these bad boys.

Steak n Shrimp

A kake I made for one of my bestest clients. :) Her son started a music company, and he was coming into town for his birthday, she asked me to be creative and take a look at his site, i was having such a hard time with this!!! hahaha my good friend Marlen was over helping me with kakes, and she asked what the name of his website was...i told her steaknshrimpmusic......and as quick as lighteneing she responded with "um...why dont you make a steak and a shrimp!?" Marlen rocks my sox!

Butterfly kake with matching mini-cakes

Butterfly themed baby shower kake for a little girl, by special request, vanilla kake with bavarian creme filling and fresh cut strawberries. =D iced with buttercream and covered in fondant. This was the first project my good friend Marlen Rodriguez helped me on, and she made all those little mini kakes!!! she was a wonderful grasshopper, and i look forward to working on MANY more projects with her! =D

Las Vegas sign kake

The las vegas cake that I made for Kasey Cooksey marsh of Monkey Tree Photography.
Her husband love Vegas so she came up with this awesome idea for his cake and i was so happy to make it! Lemon pound kake with strawberry filling. yums. :) check out her amazing photography here: