Monday, November 16, 2009

Globe cake!

My first sphere, this cake definitley presented some challenges. The first attempt was for the whole thing to be cake, but that ofcourse was too much weight, so i opted for plan B. The bottom half is styrofoam. placed atop a piece or sterilazed PVC pipe which is also covered in fondant. I made matching cupcakes to make up for the lack of cake :/ but they ended up really loving it! :) Im a perfectionist so i was determined to get this cake to stand up! lol The moon orbiting the earth is also a small styrofoam ball covered in fondant that i added some crators to. She requested that the happy birthday shout out come from Houston, TX, so i did my very best to pin point it! the globe as a whole is not EXACT...but i got as close as i could for the time I was allotted, this was a very last min request. :)

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